iNdustrial Design

Lately I have been subjecting my Twitter followers to photographs of (…pause…) Apple hardware. Specifically, older Apple hardware designed by Jonathan Ive and his team. Apple has always had design foremost in their product planning, but it was Ive who infused Apple's industrial design with an energetic and youthful vibrance. Apple often mentions their major product innovations, with milestones set at the original Macintosh introduction, the iPod introduction, and the introduction of iPhone. You could argue that the original iMac was of the same calibre in its impact on the world of computing. It made such a splash because it bucked conventional thinking about the design of devices from the inside out. It was that inspiration that redefined Apple. Apple was pushed towards a new, youthful market, whereas before the original diehard Mac fanatics were trending towards the older age groups. It was this youth that pushed Apple towards OS X's UI, music, iPod and iPhone. You can see it in all of Ive's designs too, with their translucent plastics and beautiful curves. He was just past 30 when the iMac was released, but you could tell he was still a twenty-something at heart. Apple, including Ive, has grown up since. It's a very different company from that which inspired me to enjoy computers. While I really like the current design trend (Silver + Black), I still have a special place in my heart for the older designs. I've made it my duty to lovingly collect and preserve as many examples as I can, so as of late I've been scouring everywhere for people getting rid of older Macs and inspiring hardware designs. Word-of-mouth (and eBay) is great, although the biggest problem so far is shipping (computers tend to be heavy). You can keep an eye on my Flickr if you're interested to see what I pick up, as I tend to photograph everything. :-)


  1. you should get an imac g4 :)

    they're soooo cool

  2. I agree - the iMac G4 is my favorite design of all time.

    In fact, the G3-G5 era was a special one. It set a new design standard, it kicked off Apple's comeback, and it was so darned sweet-looking.

  3. Doesn't anyone think that most of apple's designs are just fugly? They are getting more neutral as time passes, but those older ones? Ugh.