Stack v3 Alpha 2 Released

Stack v3 Alpha 2 is now up for contributors; check here for more details.

Whatever you do, make sure to read the readme as there are some important gotchas!

New in Alpha 2:
• Multiple Stacks
• Dimming of screen when opening a Stack
• Reflective Dock support
• Support for iTunes 9's App Management
• Stack Update Notifications (notification when there's a new version available)
• New Grid View animations (temporary)
• Stacks are findable/openable using Spotlight


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  2. hi Steven, I used Stack a lot in the past and I see you're doing a great job with new version.
    are you planning, for a future release, to implement a way to order icons inside stack? at the moment if I decide to swap them the procedure is a bit painful.
    sorry for my previous deleted post but I got a bug in stack (and resolved but) I think you should be aware of:

    if you add an application to a stack and then delete it, Stack keeps its id in the preferences but doesn't shot it anymore. problem is that its slot is sort of "occupied" so you can't add more than 15 apps (or less, if you have more deleted apps).

    have a nice day,

  3. Hello.
    Lots of apologies to bring this here, but I couldn't find anything in the net. I have a (maybe) stupid question regarding Stack 2.1 and can't find a suitable place for placing it. Can you please give me some hint about this?
    Thanks a lot in advance for any reply and for your great work.


  4. I installed stack3a.deb downloaded from your link. I have 4 stacks icons on my iTouch 2G, but cant' place any icons in them at all.

  5. Mikenzi, put one of the stacks in your bottom tray (e.g. remove ipod tray temporarily and put stack1 icon there). Then you will be able to add icons to the stack.

  6. I've just installed 2.1 ( have no idea how to get v3 onto iphone ) but stack is always in the center of the dock, no matter how many icons I already have in the dock it just plonks itself in the middle. I can't seem to move it either. what am I doing wrong?

  7. Hello man,

    is it possible to have more than four stack ?

    I have try to duplicate in Applications folder the to but i didn't have the new icon on the springboard, just the possibily to hide it with SBSettings.

    Thanks for your help and your great app.

    Good Job i like that !

  8. You should cache your icons to speed up loading

  9. Heyo Steve,

    One question how can I remove a Stack? Because I have 4 Stacks but only need two of them. In the Applicationsfolder over SSH If got Stack1-4 but which one is which one?


  10. This is a fast and useful app. A2 has been very stable so far and i love having my 5 icon dock filled with 4 stacks and the phone app. I was thinking it might be cool if the stacks responded to tilt since they seem to lean depending on the side of the screen they're on.

    Polished and professional. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing the alpha release.

  11. This is awesome, I just donated and got the build. The one thing I don't like is that I can't edit the stack. It'd be great if we could have a "app" were you could move the icons around inside the stack, and create / delete entire stacks. That'd be great. Great work.

  12. I just donate 10$ to help you continue your work and improve it. It's a wonderful app even being unfinished.

    Thanks for your hard work on this.


  13. Hint: You can change the app order of a stack rather easily by just rearranging the dict items in com.steventroughtonsmith.stackdummy.entries.plist in /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences. Well, at least it's easier than removing them all and replacing each entry one by one.

  14. Steven, I realize batch support is disabled in alpha 2, but I wanted to put a suggestion here to consider:

    The main stack icon could have a badge that totals the number of items inside the stack. So for instance, a stack labeled Social, that contains: facebook, beejive, tweetie. The main stack icon would have a badge that totals the badges from all the contained apps.

  15. Hi Steve,
    its a really cool tool, but i have too much probs with it at this time and i would remove stack without any probs after.
    How ? Terminal ? In cydia theres no point for me to uninstall...

    Best regards

  16. @Beach right now, there are few problems if you stick to a single Stack on your main home screen; most of the bigger issues are only found when you have many Stacks on different screens.

    To uninstall Stack, you can do so from Cydia (under the Manage/Packages part)

  17. I accidentally deleted all of the apps from stack and cannot add them again.

  18. hi - am having the same problesm as Matt c - have tried an unistall and reinstall, but that doesn;t work...

    I was going to tm into the phone to have a look at the /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences setting, but before I do is there a gui way to fix this ot even clear the cache so that a reinstall is 'fresh'

    Or if not and I started poking around which files will help to built the stacks up?


  19. I actually managed to get the base icons back but I still have no luck adding apps to it.

  20. Hi,

    Have installed 1 of the 4 stacks on dock, which am using it for quick access of settings.

    I have 3 empty stacks on the apps pane. I only need 1 stack in dock... Is there any way I can delete them?

  21. having the same problem as Matt c. had, deleted all icons from stack and cannot place any anymore into the stack. The stack icon is available in "normal" mode, but as soon as I try to hoover over the stack the stack is gone... any help?

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  23. problem with installation of v3 solved.
    @devangbhatt: sbsettings >hide icon> choose icon you wish to hide