The Apple Licensing Myth

Legends die hard. In the pre-Web days, they got printed and reprinted, told and retold and so became official, like spinach being good for you because it held the iron your red cells needed. After decades of the disgusting veggie inflicted upon young kids - I remember, a scientist went back to the bench and found out there was no digestible iron whatsoever in spinach. You don’t get calcium by ingesting chalk, you need a calcium compound that’ll get through the sophisticated filters in the digestive system. Eating spinach gives you as much digestible iron as sucking nails.
Once top Apple exec, and founder of Be, Inc., debunks the theory that Apple must license the iPhone OS.

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  1. Yeah, as an iPhone app developer whos done symbian and tried my hand at the Android (java yuck) the single target for iphone dev makes life a lot easier, and androids fragmentation is doing it more harm than whatever good comes out of proliferation.