Karma, Baby

Although Google launched the Nexus One with grand plans to radically change the way consumers purchased phones and service, it looks like the experiment has fizzled to an end -- the company just announced that will eventually stop selling handsets online…

Google's flagship 'superphone' a complete flop, carriers rejecting it left right and centre, and now Google halting online sales. I love news days like these.

Via Engadget


  1. I'd hardly call it a "complete flop". They put their foot in the water, tested online selling, figured out the biz, and now they're taking away the experience gained. You'll notice they barely advertised the phone at all, this wasn't to make money, this was to test the waters.

  2. who knows. maybe they will release a nexus two that could compete with future phones. lol. probably not tho... it was a good try, but i never thought it would end this way ;)

    i wonder what steve jobs is thinking right now... hahaha