Lights Off Android/MeeGo - High Caffeine Content State of the Union

Lights Off has made the jump to two new platforms in the past month: Android and MeeGo Harmattan.

The Android version of Lights Off was teased no less than three years ago on this very blog. I had originally started porting work when Android 1.0 was new, before I first got my ADP1. Three years, nine OS releases and eight (!) Android device purchases later, we've finally launched!

More recently, Lights Off has become the first of our apps to launch on the Ovi store, for MeeGo devices (i.e. the N9). Built with Qt and QML, I really enjoyed working on this version and think it's one of our best yet. I'm really expecting to see iOS-quality apps for MeeGo, as it has a really sweet set of tools and (native!!) frameworks, and pipes everything through the GPU for amazing performance. From this MeeGo version of the app, I spent a Sunday morning porting it to Symbian; took only a few hours to do and virtually no code had to be changed: great success! Nokia says all their future Symbian and S40 devices will be 'Qt devices' instead, and if they can pull that off I expect to see great things from the final years of S60/S40 before it's entirely replaced by WP7 across the entire product portfolio.

This year has very much been a cross platform push for High Caffeine Content, a consolidation of sorts. We've launched our apps on Mac OS X, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry (PlayBook), MeeGo and, soon, Symbian. We also launched Grace v2.0, a major upgrade to our app that gives a voice to autistic children. That's no less than 10 apps in nine months! Not only that, but we have some more great iOS apps in the pipeline that you will see very soon. It's clear that the scope of our projects is expanding (you should see some of our prototypes in the lab!), and I really can't wait to show you more.

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