All In A Day's Work

Today I worked pretty hard on getting Stack running as it should, and I'm pretty happy with the results. You can drag icons from SpringBoard onto the Stack, you can launch applications from Stack, and you can drag items out of Stack to remove them from it, complete with the 'poof' animation familiar to Mac users. Stack also supports WinterBoard theming, so it will pick up your current theme's icons with no extra hassle. The rest of my day was spent poking around other iPhone projects. I managed to get Zodttd's iPhoneSNES emulator up and running through the SDK, before I found out that it has no input support yet, so all I can do is watch the intro movie of Final Fantasy 6 (that's III for you American folks). A quick bitching session at Jonathan Zdziarski (NerveGas) in IRC about the blurriness of graphics in his NES emulator sent me into code fixing mode - luckily the first and single line I added: A - removed the interpolation (blurriness), and B - massively sped up the emulation! (For those of you wondering, it was a simple [CALayer setMagnificationFilter:0] call I added, after [rightly] assuming it sounded like it would work) The updated version is available now from Cydia from what I can tell. For now, boredom sets in…

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