Doom + iControlPad?

I've been looking into the iControlPad for quite a while, and I'm really hoping to get a developer kit so I can start adding control pad support to Doom and other projects. If you haven't seen this yet - they're working on a frame that you set your iPhone/iPod into and it provides the standard gaming controls: a D Pad, shoulder buttons, start/select, and A, B, X, Y buttons. For serious gaming on the iPhone such controls are going to be truly awesome as we go forward, and I encourage everyone to support the iControlPad effort. The prototypes are coming along very nicely, and the renderings show a quality product. I honestly can't wait to get my coding on!


  1. Its been some days since I've had a look here... I like the idea with the iControlPad. It would give the "hardcore" iPhone gamers a good gaming experience.

    How is the Doom project going? Hope to see it released with "real" controls soon. ;-)

  2. Wasnt trying to be rude. sorry. just check here everyday.