Speed -> Future! (Please comment on this post)

While I won't post any teaser screenshots yet, I can give you a peek at what is coming in the next version of Speed on the App Store: • Max Speed • Average Speed • Altitude • GPS Co-ordinates That's just so far! But I want to hear from you; leave here in the comments the feature or features you really really want to see in Speed, and I'll see what I can do about adding them to the free application. With your input, hopefully Speed can become the most useful free speedometer on the store. -S


  1. Whats the status on Lights Off. That's the one I'm really looking forward to.

  2. Speed: looks great. At the moment it can't replace my Road Angel, though, because it doesn't show my heading. Would it be possible to show the direction I'm heading in somewhere on the display (maybe just in the space above the number, mirroring the 'mph')?

    Oh, and is it us, or is the speed figure not centred in the circle?

    Good luck

  3. What about the new GPS features like discrete functions to determine speed and heading? (it is mentioned there: http://www.gearlive.com/news/article/q208-apple-beta-testing-iphone-21-firmware/)

    Will speed make use of them soon?

  4. I love this application. For me personally I can not think of anything else that would need to be added to this app. The app performs exactly as I would expect, drive a set speed for a certain time, get a reading from GPS confirming your speed. To improve accuracy, do NOT vary your speed between GPS samples. Simple enough.

    I do see other people requesting features be added. I am all for them with one exception, roll those features into a new app and keep Speed as-is. Speed performs exactly as it describes, no need for anything else added. Release a new app with all the Speed functions and *NEW* features added and charge for it (or free if you wish.) Please don't add "feature creep" to this most basic and functional app.

  5. I loved the app, but as you probably know, it stopped working when I upgraded the iPhone 3G to 2.2 firmware. Now it shows 20 when I'm going 80 (MPH); it's almost exactly 1/4 of the actual speed so something happened with the math.

    Please acknowledge the problem if you can reproduce it... and here's to looking forward to the next update! I had to buy another one in the interim, and, of course, it's not half as good as yours (tho it does have a reverse mode "Heads Up Display" ;) )


  6. Yes, 2.2 has broken things in some weird way and I haven't quite figured out a fix right yet. I'm pushing a 1.0.5 update to the store as soon as I can to fix.