iPhone Development is fun

Asides from developer backlash at Apple for draconian regulations and anti-competitive tactics, and a certain NDA, developing for iPhone is quite a lot of fun. Looking back at all the stuff I've worked on and/or contributed to recently: • Doom for iPhone • TextGuru (with Pater and Francis of Brancipater software) • NES for iPhone (with NerveGas / Jonathan Zdziarski) • Gameboy for iPhone (with Zodttd) • SNES for iPhone (with Zodttd) • An iPhone VNC Server (with Saurik / Jay Freeman) • My own creations : Speed, Nuker, Lights Off, SameGame • Rewrote Stack completely for iPhone 2.0 • Testing and UI design for Last.fm (with c99koder / Sam Steele) • Redesigning and other stuff for Sam Steele's other secret upcoming apps ;-) • img3decrypt - a modified tool based on the pwnagetool sources to decrypt img3 files I find myself having great fun and getting to know the most amazing people in developer circles, and big names I look up to myself. So, amidst all this App Store drama, I have to say thank you to Apple. Thanks for making a platform that inspires me.

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  1. Doom for iPhone... Nice.

    I a device has a screen it will sure have a Doom ported to it :)

    By the way, nice blog.