Lights Off Ported to Cappuccino!

So I decided to check out Cappuccino now that it's released, and to get the swing of it I thought I might as well port the Lights Off code to it as a semi-promotion before the App Store release of Lights Off. Of course, I haven't included the rest of the game, themes, features, but the core game is there and playable! Cappuccino was a dream to work with, I could literally port the Cocoa Touch code in a couple hours - and I have ZERO Javascript experience! In fact, it worked out so well that the 280 North / Cappuccino team have blogged about it! Check it out on their site. If you're interested in checking out a web development framework and are a Cocoa developer, by all means check out Cappuccino and Objective-J. You will be pleasantly surprised.

1 comment:

  1. Wow steve that is cool. I might try and get Jelly SMS running in the browser like this. Is there like a 2 step lazy guide to convert my iPhone XCode project into Cappuccino?