Free XNA Creators Club Trial License?? Count me in!

Was reminded about Microsoft's DreamSpark recently, and suddenly realized that DCU students had full access to the DreamSpark programme. Even better, DreamSpark includes a one-year trial license to XNA with the ability to deploy my apps/games on my own Xbox! Signed up, downloaded Visual Studio '08 and the XNA suite, and set up my 360. All on the Windows 7 Beta - works perfectly so far (no crashes). Had never used Visual Studio or C# before; it's large and clunky, but having my code running on Xbox is worth it. Controller input had me stumped for a while (was too fast), but I figured out a throttling mechanism. A good eve's work! I had been semi-planning a HD version of Lights Off, for AppleTV. Now, fortunately I can evaluate Xbox and see if it's worth releasing the game through the Creator's Club. =)


  1. Freakin awesome.

    Looking forward to seeing these on the 360.

    Keep up the good work and the updates. You're a huge inspiration.

  2. Glad to hear you actually are considering the Community Games!

    Pity they're US-only at present :(