I was on TV last night =)

Fame at last? Not quite, but I was on the national news (RTÉ News on Two) on TV last night at ~11.15PM. Had a scare after the 9PM RTÉ News on One when I realized I'd been dropped, but fortunately they still ran with it on RTÉ2. I was interviewed by Laura Fletcher (and cameraman Paul!), which was basically my first time ever on the receiving end of a video camera. Scary stuff! It looks alright in the video, but I had a spotlight shining on me and could barely see a thing! Very intimidating, though Laura's constant smile helped offset that.
As expected, I look a total prat on telly, but I'm really happy about how this went down. Going to have to turn off my phone for a few days so I won't be bombarded. =) Watch the full News program on the RTÉ website (http://www.rte.ie/news/2009/0218/newsontwo_av.html) (RealPlayer required), or just my piece above in high quality on Vimeo. Slight Correction: I go to DCU, not DIT. Doh!


  1. Well done Steven. A nice days work! @barjames

  2. WOW! Congrats! lol..... i CANT imagine why you didn't mention Doom or stacks.....

    seems apple and the news are a bit touchy on the subject of jailbreak, eh?

  3. Awesome man. Happy you got teh spotlight. Love your apps. Specially lights out.

    One question when will you release stacks 2.2? I AM DYING FOR THE RLEASE DATE.

  4. For someone who said that you looked a prat, you did very well. Very relaxed and coherent. Well done :)

  5. Excellent work. In a time where lots of companies and whinging about Ireland having no talent you are a shining example of how we should be thinking in the new economy, keep up the good work !

  6. Hi Steven,

    That's very impressive. I read about your success in the paper a while back, and now you are on the national news.

    Major congratulations.


  7. Is that the Engineering building? I've never really been anywhere outside of Computing, Business or Henry Grattan so it's hard to tell :P