Just last night I checked out the OpeniBoot project to see how it was getting along (OpeniBoot is an open-source bootloader for iPhone whose goal is to replace the Apple-made 'iBoot' as the first thing the device boots; this will allow the booting of custom OSes like Linux in the future).
After toying around for a bit setting up the cross-compiler and hacking at the sources to build properly for me, I managed to get it running. Major props to planetbeing for his awesome work on this.
But, the default boot menu I didn't like ;-) I decided to one-up it, so this is what I came up with. If you want the source to my edit (only), it's attached here.

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  1. Dear Steven,
    I've got a little question about OpeniBoot,
    is it possible to build the source code on a Mac or do I need Ubuntu or any other Linux OS ?