DOOM hits the iPhone

Zodttd and I officially declare DOOM for iPhone to be released! From
Doom on the iPhone and iPod Touch, while still a work in progress, is shaping up well. It supports the retail/commercial WAD (game data) files for Doom 1 and Doom 2, assuming you provide them. Constructive feedback is greatly welcome. More detailed instructions and videos of it in action coming soon! Meanwhile, hop on Cydia and grab the "Doom" package in the "Games" section!
I've been working hard on this since March and have recently been graced in having Zodttd help out in getting the audio and final details ready for the release. We'll keep at it, so if you have any feedback feel free to contact either of us directly. -S


  1. Hey, I was just wondering if you were working on stack 2.0 any longer? Thanks.

  2. Just had a quick run through the first couple of levels. A very nice conversion especially given the lack of physical keys/buttons to use.

    I could only use the motion sensors to move forwards. Is there support for backwards movement and strafing using motion controls?