Preliminary Sales Data for App Store Month 1

These aren't the official numbers yet by any means, but this is the sales data for the first 28 since I started selling on iTunes. Speed has been available for 28 days, SameGame 21, and Nuker has only been up a single day so far; total sales for each app are shown on chart: Both Speed 2.0 and an updated SameGame are getting closer to release, and I think they will offer things to please many more users. Nuker also has an upgrade path which should see it steadily improved over the next few months, so keep grabbing the apps from iTunes and show your support! Lights Off is my next major target, and I've been very slow as regards progress on it, but it's squarely in my iron sight for now and I'll try and get it finished as soon as possible. Forget what you know about the original, the new game will have some nice improvements and extras while still keeping as lean as possible. Watch this space! Those following me on Twitter will have also been subjected to many in-development screenshots of two more iPhone applications which will hopefully see the light of day soon. Both, (a Twitter client and a Tumblr client), are very simple, single-function apps like the rest of my range. SameGame's 99c sale will be ending in four days, sometime next Thursday (GMT) so if you were thinking about getting it, now is the time to do it. SameGame has *many* new things coming along the pipeline as free updates, even if it looks a little bare right now, and its regular price will be $2.99. Hope you're all enjoying, and thanks for your custom! -S

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    Please give me your daily sales data OR line chart so that we can analyze the sales pattern of such goods