Announcing The Lights Off Website!

Now that development is finally drawing to a close, I've coded up the website for Lights Off based on Adam Betts' designs. I hope you like it! I'm very proud as to how this project has turned out, website and all, and I can't wait 'till you can all go and check out Lights Off on the App Store. I encourage everyone to spread the word, tell everyone you can! =) UPDATE: The mobile version of the site is now live!


  1. If you want us to review your game, please send a promo code to ipim(at)

    We run an iPhone related website for Belgium:

  2. Sorry, only US developers have the ability to issue promo codes. If you want an ad hoc copy email me and I'll investigate.

  3. Will it be avail on the Aussie app store? Or just Ireland?

  4. Looks great!
    I wish I could keep working on iPhone development, but I'm much too busy... Nice way to pay homage to Delicious Monster and all the old devs.
    Anyway, if you need a beta tester, I'm more than willing.