Stack v2.1 Released & General Warning

STE kindly released Stack 2.1 today, and it should be available in Cydia to all. Do remember that the preferences are now found inside WARNING: I have been told that having 'Extended Preferences' installed will prevent the Stack settings from showing up in the Settings application. Simply disable that in Winterboard and you'll be alright. NB: When changing the position preference, currently you have to tap the Stack (to open/close it) before it will move to the new location. This was a last minute thing due to some SpringBoard bugs, and I hope to have an update after next week that will fix it and add some more new features. Cheers S UPDATE: For those with problems after uninstalling Extended Preferences, do try deleting the /User/Library/Preferences/com.steventroughtonsmith.stack.* files to start afresh with Stack.


  1. Great application and nice to see it keep developing. As an update I would like to see a 'lock' switch that would stop accidental removal of icons from the stack.

  2. Great! Now a little improvement: the ability to change application icon!!! please...

  3. Hmm!
    Now I appear to have a problem!
    Well after figuring out Extended Preferences were to blame for Stack Prefs going missing, I decided to uninstall Extended Prefs and Supreme Prefs. After rebooting, my phone is going into Safe Mode. If i Uninstall Stack, it stops happening, then if I reinstall it, Safe Mode kicks in again. Reinstalling Extended/Supreme Prefs has no effect.

    Any ideas?

  4. @Carlos - not sure about that, the actual Stack has absolutely nothing to do with the Settings bundle, whether it exists or is broken has no effect on Stack.

    No idea why you get a crash like that

  5. ohhh yeah! update! =P

    ive been waiting forever for an update! the middle option just made my day!!

    also, i was looking through, and i found that stack_preferences_single and stack_preferences_cascade file!! future update!! sooo excited!!

    goood luck!

  6. Excellent app! I upgraded without any problem.

    The only glitch I sometimes have is when I tap an icon to launch an application. Sometimes, it just removes it from the stack instead of launching it. A nice feature in a future release could be a delay tuning to make a customized difference between a "tap to launch" and a "tap to poof".

    A second wish would also be able to rearrange the apps order in the stack with drag and drop.

    We're always wating more, huh?

    Nevertheless, Stack is a great application as is. Thanks for sharing!



  7. I'm having the same problem as Carlos. With the exact same order of operations. Seems like a wonderful utility, but I can't get past safe mode with Stack installed:(

  8. @Joel @Carlos, I'm going to need a console log if I'm to try and figure out what the problem is. You can find the Console log if you download the iPhone Configuration Utility from the Apple website.


  9. I'm happy to do that. Do you just want the log following the safe mode crash?

  10. E-mail me the full log if you can, or from the first mention of MobileSubstrate if you can't.


  11. I've got an archive of all the logs using apple iphone conf. utility. Where do you want me to send it?

  12. @Joel send it to steventroughtonsmith at gmail, thanks

  13. @Steven Will there be a chance, later in the life of this project, to theme the background of the grid view stack? For example, we can make it look like the Windows start bar opening up, or the grey button thingy in Android.

    By the way, when will the next update to Stack be coming?

  14. Thats a good idea, stacks and a android theme would would work perfect,

    How is the next version stack's going,
    did you come closer to achieving Dynamic positioning?

  15. I am also having the same problem as carlos win the safe mode stuff. It worked on my old iPod touch 2.2, but now on my iPhone 3g w/2.2 it does thesafe mode thing.

  16. I was able to fix my problem with the safe mode thing.

    just follow this: