Nuker v2.0 - new UI

I spent this evening redesigning Nuker for its 2.0 release (used Louie Mantia's latest awesome work on Convert as inspiration). Firstly, I had to redesign the input mechanism. Apple do not supply a keyboard for inputting IP addresses, instead you must use the full keyboard. I went ahead and coded up my own, similar to what I'm planning for the Android version (as sliding open the keyboard on the G1 sucks bigtime). As an added usability bonus, you can now shake the iPhone to erase the IP address instead of using the delete key. Nice time saver that no-one will ever use! For those who aren't sure how it works, I've embedded a demo video of the app in action below. Remember that it only works against the original Windows XP release!


  1. Maybe you could also come up with a way so that I don't have to find the IP address myself, but rather it does it in the app.

    Can't wait for the update!


  2. I believe that would require the computer to have a program installed on it, or have it visit a website with some sort of stat tracking to get the IP address. Although, i'm probably totally wrong.

  3. actually you're totally right.