Speed 1.1 - Update

I'm planning a minor update to Speed at the moment, version 1.1. I've had a lot of feedback saying to bring back the leather stitching, which I'd removed to try and make the app design more cohesive (the app itself matched nicely with the icon), but if it's what you want I'll do it =) I'm also working on other bits and pieces, making the display more legible, and hopefully getting some improved artwork. I'm planning on including an option for warning when you pass a certain (settable) speed - I think I have a nice way of doing that that will not interfere with the streamlined look of the application. Also, just for those interested (aka rwillis3427), Speed v2.0 is planned for late June / early July (and will be dependent on the next version of the iPhone OS), and will be a free upgrade to all existing users of Speed. There's a lot going into the 2.0 release, so keep an eye out for sneak previews on Twitter every now and then. Here's an interim screenshot of Speed 1.1:


  1. Hi Steve,

    Just wanted to say I really like this app.

    I do have a suggestion though,
    There are several speedometer apps on the appstore that also run and tests the "speed" using the accelerometer.

    Do you think you can add an update where we can switch to "reading the speed" based on the accelerometer? (ie. Running/jogging with speed open, the accelerometer will read the mph or etc we are going at).

    I think that'd be awesome ;)

  2. Hi I have version 1.0.9 now and the display, dimms sometimes?? So I have to tap it again, that the brightness go back on.
    Is this bug already in development?? Thanks, Thom