Pre-iPhone 3.0

We're about thirteen hours away from seeing the new iPhone 3.0 software, and excitement is running high. Lots of rumours are saying that Copy/Paste is a certainty. I think they're right. What else could iPhone 3.0 bring to current iPhones? Here's what I think: - A new SpringBoard? A SpringBoard redesign to better handle multiple applications would be nice; multiple categories of apps, with a shelf at the bottom and arrow buttons to navigate through the categories with animations similar to Time Machine. The usual Dock would be visible with a swipe on the center dot in the status bar, and is grown to accommodate two rows of icons. - Background Apps? Possible background apps, up to three; they 'minimize' to the shelf. Here's a Photoshop mockup of how I'd imagine 3.0 to look (drew this myself): - Copy/Paste? Kevin Rose seems to know his stuff; a doubletap on a word would bring up a roundrect loupe with quotation marks that you could drag around a selection and copy/cut. I think it will only work in certain applications, however. - Developer APIs? It would be nice to see a Maps API; although if there is one I'd be pretty sure it's not Google Maps and instead Apple's own renderings due to licensing. A Search API would be possible too, as would Core Data and Cocoa Bindings. There is definitely to be a digital compass in the next iPhone, according to whispers, so CoreLocation will sprout magnetometer support. - SDK? The iPhone 3.0 SDK will likely require Snow Leopard to run, especially if new language features like blocks and GCD come to 3.0. I'm guessing Apple will release a beta SDK for Leopard tomorrow, but only the beta SDKs will run on Leopard, not the final. - Codename? Hearing the word 'Kirkwood' bandied about a bit. Take that as you will… I'm really looking forward to seeing whether any of my wish list above comes true; I have St. Patrick's Day to worry about instead, but hopefully I'll be able to tune into Engadget's liveblog of the event.


  1. Hey Steve. It's Troy back from the old forums!

    I never knew you because an iPhone developer and became so successful with it. I saw your name on MacRumors the other day and it brought back some great memories.

    Hope all is going well, and your vision of iPhone OS 3.0 is purely impressive! :)

    Troy A. Blevins

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