Stack v3.0…

Yes you read that right. In going back to make sure Stack v2.2 would work properly on 3.0, I had a horrid idea… A couple hours later, and I'd got it working. And man is it awesome! On a whim, I'd rewritten Stack to actually be an icon in SpringBoard. It can be moved anywhere, has all the same positioning and reordering abilities as any other icon, it doesn't interfere with other apps, and is generally the cleanest and best way I could ever implement Stacks (yes, with an 's', there can be more than one now!). It took an awful lot of hacking around and programming blind to pull it off, but I think it's gonna work really well. I have no idea when I'll release it, but it will (likely) only be for iPhone 3.0 and above (running out of 2.x devices here to test against for compatibility!). Also please note that I'm now taking donations as an incentive for me to continue working on Stack (as long as I can), so if you have anything spare to give I graciously accept any amount!
Here are various screenshots to just get you interested:


  1. You've outdone yourself Steve! Amazing work on Stack(s)! Can't wait until 3.0 comes out!

    I've left you a (small) donation to show my appreciation and support! (all I can afford as a college student, I'm sure you understand)

  2. This new stack looks really great... I've always wanted it to behave like a normal icon! (right now I've got the default calculator stuck underneath it since I use a 3rd party one...)
    One suggestion that I want to make is to enable the settings through PreferenceLoader instead of into the phone's list of settings, since it makes it more compatible with things like Supreme/Extended Preferences. But the fix to do that manually on my end is very easy, just sticking a plist into the pref loader file, so no big deal if you don't want to go down that road.

    Thanks for the continued work :D

  3. Heah, you might even have found a "legal" way to do this now. It looks very good indeed. I think you need a more attactive base icon though which you could generate perhaps by making a montage of the actual items in that Stack.


    Was hoping for multiple stackS for long :)

    Keep up the good work !

  5. Is it possible you add the way to create Stacks from

    For example, I want several Stacks. I go on > Stack > and there is the possibility to create as many Stacks I want. I create my Stacks, and they appear on Stack's setting.
    After that it will be possible to choose applications I want on one Stack, by slide on/off on a applications list.
    After a Respring, all this set up.
    It will be more easy to use.

    [Sorry for my english, I'm french ;) ]

  6. Multiple Stacks! That's fantastic! I can't wait! Thank you very much for all your hard work!

  7. Dang, that's epic. Good job, Steven. Sorry I can't donate, but I'm a minor :( but I'll be supporting your work all the way.

    Keep it up!

    BTW, can you release a prerelease to be installed through terminal? (Like the previous stacks?)

  8. heyo...

    first of all... I love your work and i don't know what to say :-)

    One question... Is it possible to install Stack twice to have 2 Stack Icons?

    Thanks a lot...

  9. This is so, so good. Thanks so much for helping out the community with this, it has got to be one of the best jailbroken apps out there. When I upgraded to 3.0 I was seriously ready to downgrade when I saw that stacks didn't work.

    You don't understand how much a surprise this is lol. I think I might buy one of your apps for this :)

  10. Great, great, great!

    donation done.

    Keep up the great work!

  11. amazing!!! cant wait for this!!
    will you be able to choose fan or grid view like in mac OSX or will it be automatic? and when can we expect to see this released? a week? a month? a year?

  12. I just donated with the email . . . my understanding is that I'll get an alpha copy? I'm a complete noob at installing manually can anyone give me some (simple) guidance?

  13. I have just donated with the email address of If I can receive an alpha copy that would be great. Thanks.

  14. Hey I just donated what I could. My email address is I can't wait to receive an alpha copy! Thanks

  15. Make the "multiple stacks" option available for 2.2 and I'd definitely donate - that lack is the only reason I don't use this app, and the "upgrade" to a slower OS that doesn't offer any functionality you can't already get on jailbroken 2.x isn't worht it.

    Multiple stacks could get rid of the need for the slow, clunky Categories app.

  16. Just gave a donation, let me know when the new version is out... your app is the only reason i'd jailbreak my phone.. just to keep it nice and clean.. Thanks for your hard work!

  17. i don't know what should i write down...
    i just like this app... and i want this
    how do i get this ?! can anyone tell me ?
    or Mister "Steven Troughton Smith" can you tell me how do i download this things, is this some kinda "puzzle" ??

    anyway... looking good and i want this app 2 Bad !!

    mmmmm i have no idea . . .

    Thank you Very Much !!

  18. Hey all,

    this is One of the greatest apps i had ever Seen!?!
    And im really sorry that i can't donate, i'm Student and have no paypal... But i had bought some of your apps^^

    sorry for Bad english


  19. Hello, just donated $5 and emailed you in hopes of getting the alpha version soon. I really hope to hear from you.

  20. I have received v3a from you and installed it onto os 3.0.1. However springboard crashes. Any ideas?

  21. How come I never recieved anything? I donated and email you me paypal verification and email address and everything and no response.

  22. @Peter all responses are automated; the email is sent to whatever email address the PayPal account used

  23. I have got it working!!! How do I add multiple stacks?

  24. Well, what should I do? What should I look for? Because I definitely donated $5

  25. @Peter mail me and I'll forward you the info :-)


  26. I just mailed all the paypal information to you gmail account. It was August 15th... so nearly a month ago. Thanks.

  27. how bout fixing the bugs at some point?? or maybe let someone actually interesed in making a stable version (chpwn) work on the project without having to pay you $100000 for your abandoned project