Trading Card Games

One thing I've learned during my life: people never grow up.

When I was young, Pokémon cards were all the rage, and that eventually turned to Magic: The Gathering in mid to late teens. Trading card games have naturally existed for many many years before that.

Today, it's the exact same with business cards. You go to conferences and events and try to trade as many as you can, to collect some in all sizes and colours. Nab yourself an Apple or Google business card and you're really proud of it. I'm pretty sure if people weren't too embarrassed to 'battle' their business card against others they would! I particularly liked the Realmac business cards (I wrangled one each out of Danny and Keith).

I must have been the only person at WWDC without business cards, so mid-week during the conference I decided to design myself a set I could order from Moo.

Today, they arrived! I'm really proud of them, being my first ever business cards, and I really enjoyed every bit of the design & ordering process with Moo. The Moo packaging is very nice too, with heavy duty holders.

I should also invest in some buttons, as quite a few people were sporting those too…