App Store Day (iPhone 3G Day-1)

Well, been quite pleased with the launch of the App Store; there are some great titles available. Just not in Ireland. FUCK. While the US gets to play with Super Monkey Ball, Enigmo and Cro Mag Rally, we Irish have "Mr. Shuffle" and "FingerPaint" as the sole Games category entries. Grrr. Nevertheless, there IS some great software available. Remote (Apple's iTunes/AppleTV remote), Twitterrific, Sketches, AIM, NYTimes, Exposure (digging the find-flickr-photos-near-me feature), Facebook (Facebook chat included! Just not working yet…) and iScopes (not that I care for horoscopes, but I simply love the Core Animation wheel rotation UI). (A deluge of screenshots below) So where are my apps? Mr. MobileStack developer, have you not got any apps for the App Store? Alas, no I do not =) I have a few ideas (mocked up in code) that I haven't seen replicated, so I might finish them up and submit. Regardless, there's a LOT of "shitware" in the store (Erica Sadun's, Glenda Adams' shame on you, to pick out a couple). And, yes, the Steven's Creek software is up. Seems like HIG-adherence isn't important to Apple anyway =) P.S. Apple, please get all those bloody eBook-in-an-app entries into somewhere self-contained.

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