So, why no Stacks?

People have been asking when Stack is gonna be coming to iPhone 2.0. The honest answer is, it can't with the SDK. Firstly, applications are sandboxed - you cannot access files or resources outside of your sandbox (i.e. can't grab the app icons). Secondly, Springboard doesn't allow you draw on top of it (from what I've seen). If and when a proper jailbreak is released that removes both of these limitations, then it's possible I can offer a download of MobileStack through Cydia. I will certainly try to write it, even as a proof of concept to myself. But as an official application through the App Store, it will never happen. That doesn't mean the code won't be put to good use! Stack provides a very capable pop-up fan or grid menu implementation; keep your eyes pealed for that showing up elsewhere ;-)

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