I hate the Doom engine (aka, John Carmack, fix my code please =)

Right, so, I finally managed to get drawing moved to UIKit from the private CoreSurface APIs in Doom, and get meaningful output. I spend an hour working out iPhone OS' button mechanisms (very nasty btw, no [self action] or [self target], oops, NDA), finally get really nasty looking but working controls so I could test the rest of the game and performance, and GUESS WHAT? Some nasty bugs (most definitely my fault due to hacks used for iPhone OS 1.0) in the WAD/sprite engine mean that no in-game sprites show up. No items, no keys, NO ENEMIES. So, while the levels are playable, you're pretty much flying blind until I go back and undo the damage. But hey, it's actually up and running. Once I have the whole lot finished off, I'll make sure to post the code back up to the googlecode repository where the 1.0 code lies. Until then, have a screenshot. A nasty, yucky screenshot. But a screenshot nonetheless =)

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  1. Awesome! But where are teh sprites? *frowny*

    Hehe, can't wait to run this on my own phone, good jove steve