Blog Update

You may have noticed some recent changes to the appearance of the blog: • Firstly, all my current and upcoming applications are featured prominently at the top of the page. This allows you to click on an application to display any blog posts about said application. Will be a great navigation tool for people wanting the up-to-date information about certain applications without having to sift through the other blog posts. • Secondly, my latest Twitter tweet is always displayed above the latest blog post. This is a running commentary of all things related to me, and as such can often include valuable nuggets of information about any of my iPhone applications. I hope these two additions will combine to make this blog more friendly for new visitors, especially as the App Store will direct customers to this blog for more info about any of my applications. This isn't just a static webpage, it's a direct conversational approach to customer support and I hope it will stand by me in the long term, and of course allows me to post screenshots and/or videos to help out. All my open source projects will be hosted on Google Code as and when I can make them public. I will provide more information and proper links in the sidebar when that occurs. Until the next update! -out

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