Well as of now I have a lot of projects going on! I am readying Speed 2.0 for the App Store, finishing Lights Off, coding up Stack 2.0.1, designing something special for TextGuru, and have submitted two more applications to the App Store! There's hardly time to breathe with all this, but even so I'm taking on new projects - something top secret right now, so can't talk about it =) Also, need to schedule some proper time with Zodttd to finally finish Doom and release it (Cydia). I'll have more info in the coming weeks as things slot into place, but until then, if you want to help out you can buy Speed on the App Store for a mere 99c! Thanks to everyone putting up with me -S

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  1. Sooo, I assume you saw that the new apple agreement is out for the iPhone SDK?

    I'm really really really anxious to see some of the code for the doom for iphone (basically, i'm a novice, but I've been trying to port an ogg theora player to iPhone... read your bit about the framebuffer (and that you had a workaround since SDK terms don't allow it using coresurface), and I'm dying to know how best to put up a frame from a video (as efficiently as possible) on the iPhone (in SDK friendly manner). Thanks for all your work! I'll cross my fingers that the code is available soon, and I can figure stuff out from it!