United Lemur and Puzzllotto

Mike Lee launched United Lemur today with a special event and live webcast; there are many awesome facets to this company so please check out the site at http://www.unitedlemur.org. Their first application for iPhone is a lickably gorgeous game called Puzzllotto: "The ancients spoke of an eighth continent—a dark, forbidding place, with forests so thick the eye strains to see other than green. The night air was filled with the anguished cries of the damned, while large, amber-hued eyes stared menacingly from the inscrutable canopy. Morning broke on sleepless night, revealing a hastily scattered camp site. As the shore receded over the horizon, the relief of narrow escape gave way to gnawing curiosity. What mysteries, what treasure, were the ghosts guarding so jealously? Puzzllotto transports you to this enigmatic world, inviting exploration and discovery, in the spirit of great puzzle games like Zork and Myst. Greet a friendly lemur while pondering the graceful, fluttering arcs of giant butterflies, but beware the wily Fosa! Make your way through the jungle, beautifully rendered by artist David Lanham (Iconfactory). Immerse yourself in the multilayered soundscape, recorded on location in Madagascar by Dr. Douglas Quin (Spore). Only when you are one with the island will it reveal its secrets." It looks great, so I suggest you check out http://www.puzzllotto.com/.

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