Stack v2.0.1 Display Style Preference

Yes people, I do listen =)


  1. Nice update! I love Stack! Any idea when this update will be available?

  2. great, now just let us set the position (a little lower, upper, perfect for adjusting 5 icon dock or just the usual theme) and it would be a huge advance!

  3. Won't be long now, am working on a few things in tandem to hit the release.

    @anonymous I'll see what I can do, but that would require a 'power user' kind of UI, and that's not what I'm trying to achieve. I have to design for the other 90% and not clutter it. I *might* add the position of the Stack as a plist option so those who want to can modify that.

  4. That would be great, thanks!

  5. nice work man since the first version !
    Do you think you could a "double tap to launch app on top of the stack" feature?
    I want to create a internet stack with safari on top fill the stack with webclip (btw will you add the webclip adding feature in the next release?) and web related apps...


  6. great job steve, i love the update.
    looks very promising. i'm glad you created this in the first place, many thanks.

    keep up the good work!

  7. Is there any way you could add an app selector? Kind of like the GUI for Poof, so you can add hidden apps to the Stack without having to unhide them. that would be sweet, keep up the awesome work.

  8. I use the stack as a launcher for the second set of programs that i use normally (black 1st screen, 2nd screen with main apps, stack with secondaries) so it is an indespensible tool for me everyday.

    Didn't see till recently that you had 2.0.1 in the works (but have been cheking cydia everyday).
    Is it still coming along?

    And also is it possible to request two things?
    The ability to lock the icons on stack's grid screen when set, as well as the ability to set the color (or make transparent) the grid background. That would make stack unrivaled for me.

    Thanks again for your program and looking forward to your next release.